Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Looking Ahead

Today we mark the 2nd anniversary of Leaders 4 Life. Year two was a quiet year of transition as Lisa and I moved from Scotland to Phoenix and I completed my PhD. The upcoming year should be an exhilirating journey. We will be developing a strategic ministry plan to guide us through the foreseeable future which will include some small trips to Sierra Leone hopefully in the near future!

As we look ahead to what is sure to be an exciting and challenging year, I am reminded of a simple but profound truth. At our church in Phoenix, Paradise Valley Community Church, we have been in a series of Sunday morning messages based upon the Gospel of John. The series is called, "What no man can do." The basic premise is that God is in the business of doing things that we mere mortals cannot. (You can even hear me contribute to the series here: As we mark our 2nd anniversary, I am keenly aware that if we are to accomplish all that we need to this year and in the years to come we will need God's direction, power, provision, and supernatural blessing. We cannot do it in our own strength; it is beyond us. Engaging in God's work requires, rather, that we rely upon God to do "what no man can do."

(Above: First photo I took in Sierra Leone. A boy sleeping on the Ferry.)

Acquiring such other-worldly direction and power can only come by pleading with God that He would stretch out His hand and do the miraculous. So I would ask you to join me in this prayer: "Father, only you can do what no one in heaven or upon the earth can do. We fervently ask you to restore and redeem Sierra Leone and, in your grace, allow us to contribute to your work in this country. We ask for wisdom, direction, and humility for those who will serve as leaders of this ministry. Father, please guide me in how I might most fruitfully contribute to the redemption of this country that you love. In Christ's name we pray. Amen."