Friday, October 01, 2010

Sierra Leone Refugee All Star Band

September has been a wonderful month! Many positive things are happening. Allow me briefly to share just one.

During Sierra Leone's decade-long civil war, many people were displaced as refugees in neighboring Guinea. Life as a refugee is "bana" (this Krio word means "difficult"). Refugees live in hot tents, are away from their families and communities, and are uncertain about when their lives will return to normal.

Out of this situation, a man named Reuben decided to start making music to lift people's spirits. He and a small band gathered up what they could (like a hubcap for a cymbal) and started playing. This is how the Sierra Leone Refugee All Star Band was born. A musician visiting Guinea discovered Reuben and his band and offered to help them out. Since then they've cut 2 CDs, made a DVD, and are now on tour in the US. Now comes the neat part ...

A couple of weeks ago, I had been thinking about Reuben and his band and decided to lend our Sierra Leone Refugee All Star DVD to Andy and Abby Walker (you know, our friends going to Sierra Leone with us in December). But before they had a chance even to watch it, they flew to Chicago to visit Andy's brother Rob and to see a Dave Matthew's concert (yes, I'm jealous!). A few days after they returned from Chicago, Andy's brother texts him and says, "You're never going to believe who I'm hanging out with right now ... the Sierra Leone Refugee All Star Band!" Now, how cool is that?!? I'm told that the band will be in Sierra Leone in December while we're there. Please pray that somehow we might connect with this fun, hope-filled band in December.

When we step out on faith as Andy and Abby have, our God does amazing things.

REMINDER: Sunday, October 3rd we are fasting and praying for our trip. Please join us.

Now for the good stuff! Click here to experience the music of Reuben and the band: