Monday, September 10, 2012

What we learned over the summer

This past year and especially this past summer, God has been stretching us and growing us in great ways. Growth is rarely an easy process. Often times the most valuable lessons are learned through the most difficult of circumstances. So we are thankful for the trials by which God is teaching us wisdom. Here are some of the key insights we've gained recently:

Confidence. Having worked with two different churches over the past year in order to develop our mission work, we've gained experience and, more importantly, confidence. It has been tremendously encouraging to have them take our calling to Sierra Leone seriously. Through our fairly close interactions with these churches, we've come to feel much more confident about how we ourselves are functioning. We have a plan. We are building a team of disciplined people--a team that can trust each other to deliver. On the backside of these experiences, we are actually more confident in the way in which we are going about our mission work than we've ever been. 

All in. A second lesson (a recent prompting from God really) is that we need to be "all in." Granted, we have been steadfastly committed to Sierra Leone for a number of years. But there have also been hesitations and worries. "What if we can't pay our bills?" "What if we can't educate our children properly?" These are valid questions and we are right to do everything we can to prepare for such contingencies. So we are trying to be responsible for today while also trusting God for tomorrow by not giving up hope that God will answer our prayers and advance our mission to Sierra Leone. If we are "all in," we have to trust that God will provide--today, tomorrow, every day. And since we've adopted this perspective, the resources have already started to show up in unexpected ways.

It's on our shoulders. I've talked before about taking responsibility for what you lead so that it's on your shoulders. We feel this now more than ever. Our efforts to partner with churches in the past has not succeeded. In light of this, we are now shouldering the responsibility ourselves for whether we prevail or not.

As a result of our changed thinking, we've made bold plans for 2013. We are confident we can make these plans work and ask for your prayers as we forge ahead ...


The Egan Family said...

Thanks for sharing these things you've learned! It is so easy to falter and lose confidence when we look at everything we're facing! But thankfully, it's God we're trusting in, and He is always faithful. May God bless your commitment to trust in Him.

G. HUBBARD said...

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